Died: 1808

Further Information and Sources

No first name, listed as “child” in the burial register.

It is most likely that the unnamed SPARHAM child who was buried on 27 September 1808 in Kingston’s Lower Burial Ground, St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Kingston, Ontario Canada was the second child of Thomas Jr. and Rosamond Sparham. In 1808 there were only five people with the SPARHAM surname living in Canada:  Dr. Thomas SPARHAM, his wife, his son (Thomas Jr.), and his wife (Rosamond) and Thomas Jr.’s first child Adolphus born in 1807.

Dr. SPARHAM’s family are also the only Sparhams recorded in the Parish Register of Kingston in that time period. The Sparham child is listed as “Sharpham” in in The Parish Register of Kingston, Upper Canada, 1785–1811, ed. A. H. Young (Kingston, 1921) p. 62 and corrected to Sparham on p.207

If it is assumed there must be a connection to Dr. Thomas Sparham, then as Thomas Jr. was the only child of Dr. Sparham known to survive to adulthood, his children are the only possibilities.  Based on a gap of four years between the births of Thomas Jr.’s known first children, it could be assumed that another child was born in this period between 1807 and 1811. The Lower Burial Ground would have been a logical place to inter a grandchild in a family plot.

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