Born: null

Died: 8 August 1854

Map Location: 9


ERECTED In Memory OF CAPN GEORGE SMITH WHO DIED Feb 26 18[5]5 Aged 8_ Years

AND OF MARY his wife WHO DIED August 8 1851 Aged 80 Years


Further Information and Sources

The inscription on the marker appears to provide a death date of 1851 but the burial register provides 1854.  In all likelihood, the weathering of the marker has obscured the date.

“WELCH” in the lower right hand corner likely refers to E. R. Welch, a noted chiseller and senior partner of E.R. Welch & Son; referenced as ‘E. R. Welch’s Marble Works’ in “1886 Daily Whig – The City As It Was,”  Kingston Historical Society 2011. (accessed  14/01/13)