Born: null

Died: 7 February 1818

Map Location: 20


Sacred to the memory OF SIR ROBERT HALL, Knight. Knight Commander of the Royal Sicilian Order Of St Ferdinand and of Merit. Companion of the Most Honourable Military Order Of the Bath Commissioner of His Britanic Majestys’ Navy On the Lakes of Canada ____ when comp__ ___ ____ Th__ ____ and __________ when opportunities for __________ __ Most ____ and precarious This Gallant Human Obtained these Honours and distinctions as the reward of his Meritorious services in Spain and Italy. Such was the constant activity on his intelligent mind So many and various his attainments And such the ____ of ____ of his ___itions ____ His Country has ____ by his ____ _____ ____ The _____ of an able Officer His acquaintance and compa____ in _____. The pleasure and benefit of his society ____ the ____ __ Friend and patron ____ ____ ____ of ____ _______ And Died on the 7th of February 18[1]8 In the _ _th year of his life.

Further Information and Sources

Burial register includes Hall’s title – “Sir”

The inscription is difficult to read using RTI methods due to the faded letters and shadows created by the surrounding fence. Unknown words are transcribed as “__” and in some cases certain letters are filled in, as part of the word was decipherable. The last line of inscription appeared to read “39th”; however, the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, vol.6 under “Hall, Sir Robert” lists the dates of birth and death as “1778-1818”, inferring he was aged 40 at death.

Entry for Sir Robert Hall in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography